Loyalty Rewards Program

NEW MEMBERS click link: https://lab.alpineiq.com/join/c/2447/3578
 click link: https://lab.alpineiq.com/wallet/2447

Signup Requirements:

    • medical card
    • driver's license or identification card
    • phone number
    • email address

Points & Redemptions:

    • Accruing points: $1 = 1 point (tax not included)
    • Points start accruing after initial signup
    • Points do not expire
    • No cap on points balance
    • Only 1 discount may be redeemed at one time.
    • Points may take up to 24 hours to reflect in their wallet/total balance

Redemption Tiers:

    • Tier 1: 5% off (600 points)
    • Tier 2: 10% off (1000 points)
    • Tier 3: 15% off (1200 points)
    • Tier 4: 25% off (1500 points)

All patients have until 1/1/2024 to turn in any loyalty cards they'd like converted to points on their accounts. It does not matter how many stamps they have, and each stamp is 150 points (full stamp card is 1500 points). Customers do not get a stamp upon turning in their card, as they receive points for their purchase after signing up. They may also turn in as many cards as they have, and they don't need to be submitted all at the same time. These manual point entries may take up to a week to process and reflect in their wallet/total balance.